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E-Design is a great way to get the Iconic Look and professional feel without a full service design investment.  It is also a good fit for those who need help quickly and can't wait for our typical 12-week wait list to get started.  IS+DS offers the same high level of customer service and beautiful finished spaces while clients take on the leg work of measurements, procurement, and execution. 

We offer E-Design for the following project types-


  • living room

  • dining room

  • bedroom

  • office


  • powder bathroom

  • small full bathroom


1. Start by filling out the questionnaire and provide measurements with inspiration images.

2. We meet via zoom to review 2-D floor plan options and discuss the best aesthetic and functional direction. From there we'll provide a furnishing plan and final links to purchase in order to pull your entire space together!

3. Within 2 weeks, you'll receive the design plan with all links to source each item proposed.  

4. If revisions are needed, you'll have one round included in the initial fee.  Additional rounds of revisions are $125.  

5. A minimum room budget of $5,000 is required to start your project. This may not be adequate depending on the size of your space.  For example: A 4-person dining room may work within this budget range, but a 10-person one will not. If you have questions about your space budget, please reach out before starting the e-design process!


Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 7.14.26 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 7.14.39 AM.png

What's Included

What's Not Included

  • 2D floor plan

  • 30 minute virtual design consultation 

  • Moodboard with aesthetic concepts for your space

  • Retail sources for items that will complete the look

  • One round of revisions

You take on:

  • Measurements

  • Photos

  • Implementation

Room pricing starts at $625

  • On site visits- this a virtual service

  • 3D renderings

  • Procurement and ordering

  • Detailed construction documentation

  • Trade or contractor recommendations

  • Custom cabinetry, custom furniture, or custom window treatment design

  • Specific room styling accessories (bookshelf or tabletop decor)

Additional rounds of revisions are billed at $125.


Design to be completed within four weeks. 

Ready to get started?  Give us some details:

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E-Design is a very affordable way to get the designer look without hiring a full service designer.  This does require more leg work on your end to ensure that we have detailed information so we don't suggest something that won't fit!

Still not sure? Email us with any questions

e-Design client resources 

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