Prepare for a consultation

We are excited that you've reached out for help with your interior project!  Hiring the right professional is paramount to having the finished product of your dreams (with as little hassle as possible!). 

To prepare for your Interior Consultation:

  • De-clutter the area that you intend to address  

  • Have a few ideas ready! Create a Pinterest board or save some visual ideas to a folder to reference your design style. You can easily share this with your designer!

  • Determine your functional goals. What do you need to make this space work for you? If it's a remodel, what is making it NOT work for you now?

  • Do your research and know what type of investment you will be making. 

  • Create a list of contractors or tradespeople (with contact information) that you would like to incorporate into your project.  If you don't have any, NO PROBLEM!  We have an extensive list of our own, trusted professionals. 

You also may be asking yourself the best ways to get the most out of working with a designer?  Check out this very informative blog post that speaks to a lot of the questions you may have!


Prepare for a styling session


Congratulations!  You've made the easy decision to make your life a LOT more simple! 

To prepare for your styling session:

  • Get ready for the day!  Do your hair & makeup so you can focus on the outfits!  We are taking photos for your look book during the session.

  • Do all laundry & pick up any items from the dry cleaners.

  • Do a sweep of the house and bring all items into your closet that may be hiding in other rooms (stored seasonal items, shoes in the mudroom, etc).

  • Choose 5 items that you just can never seem to make work and pull them aside. 

  • Choose 3 of your FAVORITE items and 3 of your LEAST FAVORITE items and pull them aside. 

  • Create a list of any upcoming events, vacations, or daily activities that you want to have looks ready for.


Surviving a remodel

The planning process is over, the design is set, the budget is firm, and you are ready to live through a few months of mess to achieve the end goal of a beautiful new space!  But, that doesn't mean it will be easy and that doesn't mean it won't have some stressful moments.  Your Iconic Styling designer has already recommended the team they trust, but the remodeling experience can be difficult.  Here are some of our best tips to get you through this process.

  • Create a "project storage space" in the garage or close to the room that is being remodeled.  This will allow your contractors & designer easy access to the items they may need and also creates much better inventory control.  You may start collecting things weeks prior to the actual demolition, so this makes it less hectic for you


  • Keep the lines of communication OPEN! Check-in with your contractor and designer/project manager on a regular basis with any questions or issues you might have.  Early notification of a possible issue saves time AND headaches!

  • Have a decompressing outlet lined up. Yoga, gym time, lots of dinners with friends or family, whatever you like to do. Plan things away from the house that can help you manage better when you are home.  We also strongly recommend that you have a backup "sleeping arrangement" plan for any days that it just becomes too overwhelming.  Choose a hotel you've always wanted to stay at or talk to friends or family members in advance and have a "go bag" ready for a night away if you need it. 

  • Hope for the best, but prepare for some delays. No matter how experienced your contractor, or knowledgable your design team, issues and setbacks can happen.  Your Iconic Styling designer will suggest the best possible team to limit these as much as possible.  We usually suggest that you add about 20% extra time to the original project timeline to be realistic. 


Leah Scheppers

Principal Designer + Stylist


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Iconic Styling is an interior design studio based in Omaha Nebraska.  Our aesthetic is inspired by natural, organic materials in modern spaces.  Creating inviting and functional spaces for busy families and young professionals.