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Leah Scheppers has spent over 15 years honing her eye for style and design.  She started her career with a customer-service giant, Nordstrom, in Chicago. It was here that she learned the most important lesson: the client comes FIRST. No exceptions.  

In 2012 she relocated back to Nebraska and through a series of events, realized that her eye for style could be translated into so many realms.  Mostly notably, making a house into a home.  Leah brings years of experience with fabric, color, texture, and scale to design interior spaces that are modern, chic, comfortable, and most of all, functional.  As a self-taught and highly mentored interior designer, she admires some of those designers we all known and love who don't have traditional design degrees like Jake Arnold, Shea McGee, & Joanna Gaines.  Visit the Interior Portfolio of past projects. 

She is the principal designer at IS+DS and is able to "marry" the most important elements of the creative experience: a high level of customer service, a natural aesthetic that lets you LIVE in your home while highlighting it's beauty, and years of technical experience to ensure that each aspect is executed efficiently. 

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