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MOODY MUSIC SPACE   |   remodel


LR moody fp wall.jpg

Dark, saturated green on the focal wall adds a layer of cool to this otherwise light, textured basement. 

LR full cab 2.jpg

Built in the 80's, the built-in's were your typical red-oak-everything.  We replaced the cabinet doors and crown with a more modern style and painted out the cabinets and wall to make it more seamless.

LR full view.jpg
LR to kitchen 2.jpg
LR shelf 2.jpg

Shelf styling with light, natural textures to pop off the dark background.

LR shelf 4.jpg

A natural, textured sofa and linen drapery tie in the organic balance. 

LR shelf angle.jpg
LR tv wall.jpg
lr towards kitchen.jpg
kitchen island off set.jpg
kitchen full.jpg
kitchen detail cab.jpg
kitchen detail 1.jpg
bed art.jpg
bath mirror.jpg
bath counterto.jpg

Photography by Mandy McGregor Photo

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