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Q&A with an Interior Design Summer Intern: Insights and Experiences

This summer, we had the opportunity to sit down with Kenzie, a talented interior design intern, to gain valuable insights into her experience and the field she is passionate about. Kenzie graciously shared her background, her motivations for entering the interior design industry, and how her internship experience shaped her perception of the profession. She also provided us with advice for aspiring interns who want to make the most out of their future interior design experiences.


ISDS: Tell us a little about yourself!

Kenzie: I was born and raised in Papillion, I went to Papillion LaVista South high school and graduated in 2021. I will be officially graduated from MCC's Interior Design program this summer and will be looking to get a full time job as an Interior Designer.

ISDS: What initially attracted you to the field of interior design?

Kenzie: For as long as I can remember I have always loved being creative, DIY-ing furniture, and redecorating my room. As a kid I was obsessed with decorating my doll houses and all of my friends and family's rooms. In middle school I discovered Interior Design as a career through Youtube and began following accounts that inspired me. Ever since then, becoming an Interior Designer has been my goal.

ISDS: How did your summer internship experience confirm or change your perception of the profession?

Kenzie: My summer internship has confirmed my perception that Interior Design is a lot more than just decorating. Growing up I only saw that portion of it online, but through school and internship experience I have come to learn that the decorating part is just a small portion. There is so much that goes into the design of a beautiful space, and Leah has been showing me everything it takes to run a successful business.

ISDS: Could you share a memorable project or task that you worked on during your internship?

Kenzie: The most memorable thing I've done so far is learning how to use Sketchup. Sketchup (or any digital program) is one of the most important tools that designers can use to convey their visions to clients. Unfortunately MCC's program doesn't cover the digital side of things, so that was a huge goal of mine in starting my internship. Although I have SO much left to learn, I feel like I have already gained so much!

ISDS: Looking back on your summer internship and going through the interior design program, what advice would you give to future interior design interns who are eager to make the most out of their experience?

Kenzie: My advice for anyone looking to get into design is to take time in building your own personal style outside of school/work. Make lots of Pinterest boards and mood boards that represent the styles you love. Learning some of the digital programs out there is also super helpful so you can begin to create your own identity as a designer!


Kenzie’s internship experience with our team has been nothing short of remarkable. We are truly grateful for her valuable contributions and the fresh insights she brought to our projects. Kenzie’s internship journey has not only confirmed her commitment to the field but has also reaffirmed our belief in the importance of engaging interns and embracing their active participation.

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