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2023 Las Vegas Market Recap

As a last minute quest for inspiration, I made the trek to the 2023 Las Vegas Market Show this past weekend.

Just on the outskirts of the glitz and glamour of the Strip, the Market Show was just as overwhelming for the senses. The show showcased quite a few new design trends and products that will be making their way into homes soon.

Here’s a breakdown of what I loved and noticed amongst the vendors.


One of the standout themes from the show was textiles with a lot of texture. From nubby bouclé to rough-hewn linen, textiles with texture added depth and interest to any piece. Not only did they look beautiful, but it also adds a tactile element that truly adds depth and interest to any space.


Another trend that caught my eye was the use of cool but darker wood tones on larger case goods. I also love the unexpected wood accents across furniture pieces. Whether it was a sculpted console table or a carved wood headboard, these natural elements brought an elevated yet inviting feel to the rooms on display.


Artwork was also a focal point at the show, with bold and colorful pieces taking center stage. From large-scale paintings to eclectic collages, these works of art made a statement in the room and added a unique touch to the space. Vintage and curated artwork is always in style but I’m noticing a lot more character and color. I was also delighted to see textiles still being used as art, adding a new dimension to the design.


Finally, I was impressed by the focus on furniture that prioritizes comfort. Whether it was a plush sectional or a soft, inviting chair, the furniture at the show was designed with the end user in mind. This shift towards comfort is a reflection of how people want to create spaces that they can truly live in, not just admire from afar.

Overall, the 2023 Las Vegas Market Show was a truly inspiring experience for me as an interior designer. I can't wait to start incorporating these elements into my projects and bring my clients' spaces to life!

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