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The 1980's home had a great floorplan to work with but had so many spaces that were under utilized.  The kitchen remained in the same footprint, but a large rectangular island created storage, prep space, and room for additional ammenities for this young family.   The rest of the main floor also maintained it's footprint, but every single service was painted or refinished to create a cohesive feel that is inviting, warm, and comfortable. 

LOCATION:  Omaha, Nebraska
TIMELINE: 6 months
SCOPE: Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Sitting Room, Powder bathroom, Laundry/ Drop zone, Entry + Staircase, 2nd floor bathroom. 
FAVORITE DETAIL:  The shades of green throughout the main level and every detail in the kitchen. 
PHOTOGRAPHER:  Mandy McGregor at M.McG Design


The space was already large and open so using darker elements to ground the island made it feel that much larger and more impactful. 

iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7268.jpg

"IS+DS opened our eyes to so much more than we thought was possible with our 1980’s, builder grade home.  Leah created a seemless space that we love more every day.  It’s just as functional as it is beautiful and we love that it’s our backdrop to living this beautiful life"

- D.W.

iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7266.jpg
iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7271.jpg
iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7274.jpg
iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7269.jpg
iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7376.jpg
iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7371.jpg
iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7366.jpg

Living Space.


Keeping this space neutral, textured, and soft was a priority for the family to have a place to kick back and relax. 

iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7331.jpg
iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7329.jpg
iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7334.jpg
iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7313-Edit.jpg
iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7290.jpg
iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7314.jpg

Cigar Room

Truly the power of paint to fully uplift this space.  The original wall molding was refinished to create a moody adult space

iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7327.jpg
iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7325.jpg
iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7318.jpg

Powder Bathroom

A powder bath is always a place to take a few risks.  The patterned tile and bold artwork pop off of the white oak and concrete. 

iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7264.jpg
iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7260.jpg

Dining Room

Because the kitchen is so large, the dining room doesn't get a much use.  But, they still wanted it to be beautiful and playful. 

iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7218.jpg
iconic styling_interior design_omaha20730-MMP_7210.jpg

Kids Bathroom

The sweetest girls in the world live here and they wanted a fun, colorful space to start and end their days.  Challenge accepted!

iconic styling_interior design_ omaha 1.jpg
iconic styling_ interior design_ omaha 2.jpg


A modern entrance with painted hand rail, inset stair runner, and wood stair caps. ​

iconic styling_interior design_omaha20729-MMP_7192.jpg
iconic styling_interior design_omaha20729-MMP_7207.jpg

Photography by: Mandy McGregor at M.McG Design

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