Textured neutrals

Ok, on the level, most people see a selection of light, upholstered furniture and they just aren't sure it's going to work for them. Whether it's young children, pets, or messy husbands, they tend to opt towards darker tones and more "forgiving" surfaces. And I 100% understand and appreciate that! Those spaces ARE easier to conceal bumps and bruises and lend towards a low maintenance home. Yet, as a designer, I am drawn towards the tonality and elevated appeal. Here are some of my favorites. You may not need to do an entire space in the vibe, but light spots in a space draw the eye in if you want to sprinkle in some neutral to your home.

pillow / walnut bar stool / terra cotta olive jars / channel stitch swivel chair / rug / day bed with leather bolster / screen printed tile / closed bookcase / shearling round ottoman / AD 100 book / ribbed lamp / grey velvet sculptural chair



Leah Scheppers

Principal Designer + Stylist



Monday-Friday  9-4

Iconic Styling is an interior design studio based in Omaha Nebraska.  Our aesthetic is inspired by natural, organic materials in modern spaces.  Creating inviting and functional spaces for busy families and young professionals.